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  1. i were given this internet net internet internet web page from my friend who knowledgeable me concerning this internet web site and in the period in-between this time i am journeying this internet net net net net page and analyzing very informative articles right right right here.

  2. It’s a pleasure to teach Micky. He is very well-behaved in class. He often participates and mostly his answers to questions are accurate, demonstrating a good understanding of the lesson material. He has a good, natural reading voice. He listens attentively and usually understands what I’m talking about. Great attitude Micky!

  3. hopwood is a wonderful child to have in class. His work is neatly and accurately done and he is a polite conscientious pupil. He picks up new material well and utilises it in his everyday English usage. hopwood enjoys participating in conversation and discussion. He has beautiful handwriting! hopwood is doing very well in class.

  4. anna is a friendly, conscientious student who always works hard in class and never fails to complete her homework. anna has become a very well behaved child who tries hard to do well. anna’s knowledge of the material is very good. She reads easily and does book work quickly and correctly. Her book work is quick and complete and she rarely makes mistakes. anna is expert at describing what she has done and what she has found out.

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