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Agromate – Plus

  • Agromate Plus is an extended model to support motors of any HP
  • Works for motors of any capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Operate with any SIM operator in your region
  • Use your existing mobile to operate the device
  • Miss call or SMS to operate
  • Works with Single phase or Three phase power supply
  • Phase preventer power supply unit to protect device and pump
  • External antenna for better signal input
  • Water flow sensor to turn off the motor during dry run
  • Useful for motors used in farms, factories,etc
  • Useful for domestic applications such as water heater, A/C etc.
  • SMS alerts for motor ON
  • SMS alerts for motor OFF and duration of run time
  • SMS alerts when SIM Changed
  • SMS and also a call from device to alert when Power restored
  • Register up-to 4 users per device
  • Android APP for easier usage, status inquiry
  • Android APP for scheduling the motor run times
  • LCD display screen
  • SIM signal indicator on LCD
  • Motor run status indicator on LCD
  • Works with any model of starters
  • SMS alerts during power failure
  • Manual ON/OF Feature