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Agromate : Agriculture motor control using mobile 

Just a miss call to operate from any registered mobile phone

Operate from any part of the world. Distance no matter !!!

Agromate Telemetric Electronic Device controls your motor pump using your mobile phone virtually from anywhere …!!! You can turn ON or OFF your water motor pump by just giving miss call from your mobile phone.

Avoid trip to motor pump to operate, so you save power, time and water. Using Agromate you can control your water pump set from anywhere.

Proud to receive IESA – Technovation Award 2014 for Agromate as “Most Innovative Product” in 2014
Agromate – Mobile Controller Devices

Agromate Plus is an extended model to support motors of any HP

  • Works for motors of any capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Operate with any SIM operator in your region
  • Use your existing mobile to operate the device
  • Miss call or SMS to operate
  • Works with Single phase or Three phase power supply


Agromate on HMTV