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  4. Tony’s English skills are below average. I would like to see him concentrate more and use his energy for learning rather than playing. He needs to focus on his pronunciation in order to keep perfecting his English skills. Tony needs to stop relying on the teacher to help with his pronunciation and make an effort to read by himself. He has a lot of issues understanding people who speak with Australian accents. If he learns to focus and concentrate I am sure Tony will do very well in his future English studies.

  5. connie is very well behaved in class and has a positive attitude. He is a smart, student who quickly learns new things and he also enjoys participating in class activities and engaging with the other students and the teacher. He seems to enjoy presentations which will be a good opportunity to improve his accuracy. He has almost no problems reading at an appropriate speed and level for this class. His writing skills are very good for his level. He has an excellent understanding of the lesson material. Keep up the good work, connie!

  6. I wonder what Emmeline Pankhurst would have thought of today’s culture? I take a desert spoon full of Organic Blackstrap Molasses with hot water each day after exercice. Add that to the list of promises Obama has broken.

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